Thursday, January 05, 2006

Say Tehillim for Israel

Ehud Olmert and Ariel Sharon in better times

Ariel Sharon's second surgery has now been completed and, according to the Jerusalem Post and other sources, his condition stable but he is "still in very serious condition". We continue to say tehillim for his complete recovery but, to any observer, it would appear that his political life is over.

All of Israel is stunned by this sudden change in circumstances and appears to be pulling together at this point in time. Ehud Olmert has taken over as acting Prime Minister and it is reported that a walkout by Likud ministers from the Knesset has been postponed by Binyamin Netanyahu in order to "contribute to the sense of political stability". See the story here.

Of course the Arab world is posturing and issuing ridiculous statements against PM Sharon. I was pleased to hear a spokesman for Sharon state that the security forces and IDF will be on full alert against the possibility that they try to take advantage of the situation.

These days will be a turning point in Israeli politics and affect all Jews. The bottom line is that, specifically at this time, Israel needs our thoughts, support and prayers.