Friday, February 03, 2006

A Good News Story

I saw this on Shmais (who got it from COL) and liked the idea that a Yid didn't want to benefit from stolen Rebbe dollars. Now we just have to strive to do the right thing and be nice to each other even when the Rebbe is not involved.

Yesterday morning (Wednesday), a moneychanger from Ramat Gan approached Chabad chassid Dov Ruchamkin, who works at the Diamond Exchange, and asked him an unusual question: “I have 100 dollar bills from the Rebbe, and I am prepared to sell them to you for $100.” The moneychanger told Mr. Ruchamkin that he had
received them as part of a cash transaction, and he did not want to profit from the Rebbe’s dollars.

Mr. Ruchamkin asked to see the dollars so that he could work out whom they belonged to. He discovered that the Rebbe had given them out in 5747/1987 and 5748/1988, and he also found the name “Yosef Yitzchok Swerdlov” written on them. Mr. Ruchamkin called Rabbi Swerdlov, who lives in Jerusalem, and confirmed that the dollars had been stolen from his home some time beforehand. Rabbi Swerdlov was very excited about the discovery of his precious “Rebbe” dollars, and he asked Mr. Ruchamkin to buy them back for him.

The dollars were soon returned to their rightful owner.