Saturday, May 06, 2006

Keren Malki Blog

The Keren Malki Foundation was formed by Arnold and Frimet Roth in memory of their daughter Malki who was killed by a Palestinian murderer in the Sbarro bombing of August 2001.
The Malki Foundation is "focused on giving practical assistance to families who have a child with serious disabilities" in Israel. This is it's main aim and the website shows all the good deeds that they are doing.

Arnold, who is originally from Melbourne, and his wife Frimet also lecture throughout the world and write articles exposing the double standard that applies to Israel. The Keren Malki website contains their writings and speeches and much related material on terrorism.

The newest addition to the website is a blog - This Ongoing War - which is a report of events in Israel which are "under-reported, unreported and simply misunderstood". The media, especially outside Israel, reports very few of the terrorist events that occur - especially if these events are foiled by Israel. This Ongoing War reports these events and is an eye-opener for those of us who do not read or have access to the Israeli press.