Friday, August 04, 2006

Chinuch Hezbollah Style

This, and other informative videos, are found here on YouTube thru It is interesting and disturbing to see the mindset of Hezbollah, Hamas and other Arab groups.

We in the "West" are brought up with a love and reverence for life. It seems that this doesn't apply to our Arab cousins. This is the problem with media commentary on the entire Middle East situation. The media erroneously comments on events from a Western viewpoint whereas the protagonists are operating from an entirely different, and more deadly, point-of-view.

Now Arab Australians are trying to equate Israel with Hezbollah and have asked that PM John Howard remove Hezbollah from the list of banned terrorist organisations - see here. Does this tie in with another report on The Age website here that Moslem terriorists are headed around the world, including Australia, in order to attack Jewish targets?

Keep saying tehillim!!