Sunday, October 22, 2006

Police Officer Involved in Hate Crime

The latest update in the Simchas Torah bashing of Menachem Vorchheimer appears in The Australian here. It turns out that the driver of the bus is a serving police officer and that he refused to give Menachem any information about which club the football players were from. It will be interesting to see if the Victoria Police investigation goes anywhere or whether it will fade away. Knowing Menachem he will not let this rest - and rightly so.

What is interesting to me is that the average Aussie is repulsed by the racist behaviour of a small section of Australian society. I have been approached by a number of non-Jews expressing their disgust at what happened.

Some other blogs have also commented on the bashing: A long article appears in a blog whose stated aim is "To balance the undue adulation of AFL players through scrutiny of their negative off-field behaviour". See the post here. Also"The Diary of an Average Australian" has his say here.