Sunday, June 03, 2007

Engel Family Sitting Shiva

We just received the sad news of the untimely passing of Rabbi Eliyahu Engel in Crown Heights.

Many of us have seen Rabbi Engel in Melbourne over the last number of years as he is the father of Rabbi Sholom Ber Engel, Rabbi Shaul Engel, Mrs Shternie (Rimler) Perline and Mrs Estie Benhamou.

Rabbi Engel ob"m, was a shliach in Australia in the 1970s and Rabbi of the Brisbane Hebrew Congregation for a period of time. If someone knows more information about his time in Australia I would appreciate hearing about it.

The levaya will be in New York on Sunday and I understand that all the Australian Engels will be sitting shiva in Crown Heights. The phone number in Crown Heights is (718) 953 2429. Please be aware that New York time is 14 hours behind Melbourne time.