Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Principal At Last!

Rabbi Berger (on the left) at Yeshivah Ateres Menachem in Ottowa

After many years of searching a new principal for Yeshivah College has finally been found. Don Wolf yesterday announced through the Yeshivah Centre website that Rabbi Mordechai Berger of Canada has been appointed principal to take over from Rabbi Glick next year.

When he visited in September Rabbi Berger made a good impression on the community and hopefully this appointment will mark a change in the way Yeshivah College is run.

Rabbi Berger was described by Don Wolf before his visit in these terms:
Rabbi Mordechai Berger, from Ottowa, Canada, is Founder & Principal of Yeshivas Ateres Menachem of Ottawa, a combined program of Yeshivah Studies with vocational and technology courses. He is an innovative educator, renowned for developing and implementing systems to maximise the educational performance of students.
I wish him well in his new position and wish him hatzlocho in dealing with the parents, other teachers and especially the administration.