Sunday, November 25, 2007

Kevin 07, 08, 09...

Graphic from The Age

Mazal Tov to Kevin Rudd and the Labour Party on convincingly winning this election. While I believe that the Howard Government has done a fairly good job it was certainly time for a change. The more I see of Kevin Rudd the more he strikes me as having the potential to be a good, strong leader. At the beginning of his acceptance speech he payed tribute to John Howard in a most statesmanlike and gentlemanly way. This mentchlichkeit impresses me and I feel bodes well for the future.

I was pleased to see that Michael Danby retained his seat. He has worked tirelessly for the Jewish Community for all these years and always seems to make a strong stand on any issue which touches on Israel or Jewish people.

Malcolm Turnbull's is another pleasing result. His opponent tried to use the tactic of saying "vote for me I'm Jewish" which, in anyone's language, is no reason to elect a politician. Turnbull has also been an extremely strong supporter of Israel and deserved to win his seat.

I for one am ready and looking forward to this new regime..