Thursday, February 28, 2008

It CAN happen here...

The War on Britan's Jews - Part One

ABC news has reported this week that "A Tanzanian-born Muslim man who dubbed himself "Osama bin London" was found guilty of encouraging his followers to murder non-believers and of running terrorist training camps in Britain". While actual terrorism has not made itself felt here in Australia, Boruch Hashem, the threat is Islamic terrorism is quite real throughout the world.

What has increased in Australia over the last few years is general anti-Semitism especially in Sydney and Melbourne. Over this time we have witnessed anti-Jewish violence on Carslile Street, Bondi Road and other heavily populated Jewish areas reminiscent of the type of incident in Europe in the 1920s and 30s. Obviously it is not as insidious as at those times but, for those of us who grew up in a very tolerant Australian society, it appears quite out of character for this country. Reading reports in the Australian Jewish News the general consensus is that the authorities are not doing enough or are powerless to do anything concrete about this. I tend to suspect that they are actually worried about accusing any particular group of fostering this un-Australian attitude as they are afraid of riots like those that occurred in Sydney.

What is also quite noticeable to me is that the general Australian population is taken in by press reports of these pushy Jews in Israel who are oppressing the poor Arabs (sarcasm intended). They appear to tacitly approve of anti-Jewish violence or at least ignore it. In the light of this I was impressed by the reports on British television made by Richard Littlejohn reporting on anti-Semitism. Littlejohn is an outspoken journalist who doesn't shy away from controversy. These reports mirror attitudes and events in Australia and are very interesting viewing. I have only posted the first of 5 videos here. The others can be seen by following these links: