Friday, May 30, 2008

Daven for Your Children...and Yourselves

The kever of the Sheloh HaKodosh in Tiveria - interestingly his yartzeit is 11 Nissan

Thanks to Emmanuel for sending out this prayer. Composed by the Sheloh HaKodosh it is customarily said on erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan which is next Tuesday 3 July.

The tefilla can be found here (for a pdf version) and here for a web friendly version. The English translation can also be found here.

The Sheloh's real name is Rabbi Isaiah Halevi Horowitz (1558 - 1628) who became known as the Sheloh HaKodosh after his well known sefer Shnei Luchos HaBris. A short history of him can be found on here.

The reason I am publicising it is that, in these pre-Moshiach days, I feel we need the help of heaven more than ever when it comes to raising children. While many attend seminars and lectures on effective parenting etc sometimes we must remember that we need the help of a "higher power". To daven for what we need is a time proven method.

The Artscroll's translation of the Sheloh's introduction:
It is particularly important to pray for good and upright children. While praying for this, one should also ask Hashem to provide them with all their needs and to send them their life's mate. I believe that the most appropriate time to recite this prayer is on Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, for that is the month when Hashem gave us His Torah and when we began to be called His Children. It is proper that every husband and wife fast on that day and repent, committing themselves to improve all areas of their home life...and let them give charity to poor people of character.
Let us hope that our tefillos are heard and fulfilled.