Thursday, November 27, 2008

India Update

From COL:

12:21 AM: After 12 hours in captivity, 3 hostages escaped the Chabad House building. Footage shows a woman and her 2 year-old daughter of "foreign nationality" rushing into an ambulance. They reported of 5-6 terrorists in the building.

12:42 AM: A woman who is the maid, and Moshe Holtzberg - child of Chabad Shliach where rescued, also rescued is the cook lady for Chabad.

1:44 AM: Lubavitch spokesman Zalman Shmotkin said that "the terrorists commandeered a police vehicle which allowed them easy access to the area of the Chabad house and threw a grenade at a gas pump nearby, blowing it up."

1:59 AM: Holtzberg's mother-in-law Yehudis Rosenberg: "The nanny said they were alive but unconscious."

I am assuming these are New York times which would make the latest report 90 minutes ago.