Monday, August 03, 2009

Position Vacant

Finally, after 3 decades of existence, the Kollel is finally making a positive step towards appointing a permanent Rosh Kollel. The following advertisment was just issued from the Yeshivah Centre:

The Yeshivah Centre has commenced a process to appoint a Rosh Kollel for Kollel Menachem Lubavitch. The kollel was established in 1979 by the Rebbe and spearheaded by Rabbi Y.D. Groner OB’M.

Since its very inception, the kollel has two vital functions. Firstly, to give the opportunity to newly married men to participate in full time learning, and to provide adult education and shiurim to the Chabad and broader Jewish community of Melbourne.

We are seeking to employ a Rosh Kollel to take the kollel forward and to ensure that it grows and develops as the leading institution for Torah scholarship and adult education in Melbourne.

We are currently taking applications for this position. To register an expression of interest or to suggest suitable candidates, locally or internationally, please call Merv Adler on 0412 719912 or email: for a copy of the job description.

Rabbi Chaim Tzvi Groner, Menahel Kollel

This is a positive and long overdue step for our Kollel which has been neglected in so many ways over the years. Despite individuals investing a lot of time and effort there seems to have been very little will on the part of the Yeshivah Executive and leadership to invest in this vital institution.

While it is obvious that the Kollel yungerleit will benefit immensly from having a permanent, active Rosh Kollel the community will also benefit - maybe even more. Over 30 years we have seen many extremly talented yungerleit come and go through the Kollel. Because our young men are encouraged to leave Kollel after a year or 2 in order to share their knowledge in the world, there is often no continuity with shiurim etc. Hopefully a Rosh Kollel will also organise things so that shiurim are not abandoned and that there is some sort of handover when our young men finish their time in Kollel. This is just one of the steps that I personally hope will be implemented.

It looks like a positive step is being made to ensure that the Kollel will continue in a stonger and more forward looking way. I am sure that this will be a leap forward for this vital part of our institution.