Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Australia - A Racist Society?

Cartoon by Tandberg in The Age 13 Dec '05

The riots in Sydney are receiving worldwide press. While John Howard and Kim Beazley are trying to keep a lid on the racist talk it is obvious to me that racism - on both sides - is the underlying cause of these problems.

I am not sure of the situation currently, but a few years ago Moslem thugs would drive around Bondi in Sydney on Friday nights looking for Jewish people to attack. The police (and the community "leaders") tried to keep this quiet and would take little or no action. After all it was only people who looked obviously Jewish who were the targets. I believe that this attitude is coming back to haunt the NSW authorities. If a firmer stand were taken earlier maybe these riots would not have happened.

Then again, one must not forget the drunken youths who were looking for a fight. Despite the left wing media pretending to promote love for all people there is a feeling among many "white" Australians of intolerance for anyone who is different. Fueled by alcohol and a mistaken belief in their superiority these youths decided to take the law into their own hands. Nothing good can come of actions like these.

People like radio personality Alan Jones just exacerbate the problem. Rather than using their radio programs to educate Australians about other cultures that live here they rant and rave about people who act "un-Australian" thus causing fear of people who are different.

In truth there are many people - both those born here and those who have immigrated here - who understand that in order to live comfortably in this amazing country of ours one must understand and be tolerant of our neighbours. The vast majority of Australians are good, honest and understanding people. As usual it is a vocal minority who get the most attention. Let us hope that this unrest dissipates quickly and sanity returns to all.