Thursday, December 15, 2005

Chanukah on the Web

It is still over a week until Chanukah but the web sites are appearing thick and fast.

There are a number of good sites with information for both adults and children and many of them feature games etc to keep the kids busy during the summer holidays.

I have listed them in no particular order: - A comprehensive site for adults and kids - Tons of info for all

Orthodox Union - Lots of info and some great essays by OU Rabbis

Shema Yisrael - Contains the 5761 & 5762 issues of the Kollel Beis HaTalmud magazine

Holidays on the Net - A bit lightweight but with some stuff for the kids - Nice site

Chazzanut Online - Some interesting info about Maoz Tzur and chazzanut in general

Kids Domain - Holiday fun...

Torah Tots - For the child in all of us - shopping as well as some articles