Thursday, March 16, 2006

Aussie News on Shmais

Three articles relating to Australia are on Shmais at the moment.

Mazal tov to the Greenbaums:

L'Chaim Chabad & Moorabbin Hebrew Congregation-Melbourne, Australia: Rabbi Elisha & Leah Greenbaum were thrilled to welcome a huge crowd of congregants, friends and baalebatim to hear the Megillah and help celebrate their son Mendel's upsherin.
Kids were treated to a special "popping"-themed program, while adults met, mingled and had an oppurtunity to pack their own mishloach manos to take home and share with their own friends on Purim day.

An interesting story reprinted from Kfar Chabad Magazine (which means that it could be a complete fabrication):

Rabbi Pinchas Feldman, shliach in Sydney, once told the Rebbe during dollars that in Australia the people believe that they will be the first to see the light of Moshiach. When the Rebbe asked him, “Who says?” Rabbi Feldman answered that this was a saying. The Rebbe replied, “May the Holy One accept this ‘psak din’ regarding Australia, and since they have ruled here that the opposite should happen, G-d should fulfill both decrees at once.”

Also Mazal Tov to Reb Arel and Zlata Serebryanski on the birth of a granddaughter:
SNS (and Aussie Echo) would like to wish a hearty Mazel Tov to Hendel & Shoshi (nee Muller) Serebryanski - Crown Heights - on the birth of their firstborn daughter.
May the newborn be a source of Nachas to her parents, grandparents, relatives & Klal Yisroel.