Friday, March 03, 2006

A Superabundance of Simchas

(Update!! Thanks to mzt)
This week has seen a number of simchas in our community. There have been 3 baby boys born, 3 engagements, 1 wedding and there will be 3 barmitzvahs in Yeshivah Shule this Shabbos.

Mazal Tov to Dov & Yamit Glasman, Dovid & Hanna Brook and Avrohom & Melanie Adelist who all have Sholom Zochors tonight.
Mazal Tov to Shternie Rimler on her marriage to Meir Shlomo Perline of Monsey, NY. Shternie also gets a Mazal Tov on the barmitzvah of her son last week.
Mazal Tov to the Greenwald family on the engagement of Chaim to Danielle Winderbaum of Sydney.
Mazal Tov to the Nutovics family on the engagement of Rochel to Yoseph Nerenberg of Oak Park, MI.
Mazal Tov to the Manshari family on the engagament of Shaina to Michael Helper of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Mazal Tov to the Rapp family on the barmitzvah of Shmuel.
Mazal Tov to the Rosenbaum family on the barmitzvahs of Mendel and Levi.
(If I have left anyone out please let me know)

Thanks must go to Emmanuel Althaus who has started sending out emails to notify the community of Simchas and, lehavdil, the opposite. This is a great service for our large and widespread community. Kol Hakavod Emmanuel!