Wednesday, January 03, 2007

When the Animals Run the Zoo...

Reports from Shturem and tell the story of Reb Yoel Kahn being verbally abused by a bochur with acute psychiatric problems. It appears that when Reb Yoel went downstairs to deliver his weekly shiur in Inyonei Geluah UMoshiach this bochur screamed at him to leave 770. Reb Yoel, being a true chassidisher yid, left the scene quietly and proceeded to relocate the shiur to the upstairs zal.

The situation in 770 is going from worse to terrible. I blame the so-called normal people who learn and daven downstairs who are letting these incidents pass without reacting. This crazy bochur was reportedly an Israeli who should either be locked up in a hospital ward or sent back to Israel. The fact that nothing is done by the leaders "downstairs" and the leadership in Crown Heights is worse than criminal. The meshichisten have seen that the mainstream of Lubavitch laughs at them and they are now turning to violence. This violence must stop even if it means deporting the troublemakers.

For the most part the shluchim are doing the Rebbe's work with incredible self sacrifice while the crazys do nothing but sing one song and dance around the bima.

I am still proud to say I am a Lubavitcher but am sick of having to explain away the antics of a fringe group to family and friends.