Friday, January 26, 2007

Reb Yoel Declares the Truth!

Reb Yoel in Lakewood (from

Shturem translates an interview of Reb Yoel Kahn in Kfar Chabad magazine about events after Gimmel Tammuz. I am heartened that someone of Reb Yoel's stature has stood up and declared the truth. I only hope that this does not cause the crazys to do something violent.

It is worth reading the entire article but some excerpts are:

"When the Rebbe assumed leadership Yud Shvat 1951," he stated clearly that the task of our generation is to complete the process of drawing down the Shechina in this world. This is done, the Rebbe said, through the dissemination of Torah, especially "Pnimiyus Hatorah."

"To us chassidim, the real dissemination of Pnimiyus Hatorah is as expounded by the Rabbeim. The Rebbe asks in one of his sichos why did G-d have to tell Abraham that "I will make your name great?" Abraham was known to have been imbued with the greatest degree of humility how can one even think that he desired greatness?

The Rebbe answers that the meaning of "I will make your name great" was that through his name the Name of G-d Almighty will be sanctified. Everyone will see, even a non Jew, that Abraham's name reflects G-d's Name. In other words, every Jew and non-Jew will see that the Rebbe is an extraordinary elevated person, a true Shepherd of the Jewish People who cared about his people in general and about every individual in particular.

I believe that when one writes "Shlitah" now after the histalkus next to the Rebbe's name not only does he not bring greatness and admiration to the Rebbe but just the opposite, it defames and makes a mockery of the Rebbe's name.

Talking about the recent "video of the Rebbe in 770" that has been publicised by the meshichistin and also that these people refer to the Rebbe as "Shlito" Reb Yoel said:

"Everything the "maskilim" and communists tried to do in order to defame the honor of our Rabbeim is absolutely nothing compared to the defamation caused by the "meshichistin" because of two reasons: 1) the substance of the defamation: it never even occurred to the communists to degrade the Rebbe in such a manner. 2) when this defamation is done by Chabad chassidim the mockery and shame is even greater. Not only is this "shitah" a joke, it is against the Torah and is the complete opposite of what our function and shlichus is.

Talking about how we should see the Rebbe today:

Chassidus tells us that it is an accepted fact that the soul animates the body, however, since the soul is spiritual we cannot see it, but we do see the actions and effect that it has on the body. Seeing a body that is alive is clear proof that there is a soul even though we don't see it physically.

"The same is in our case. After Gimmel Tamuz 1994 since the Rebbe's life is spiritual we cannot see him but we do see the effect of this collective soul (the Rebbe) in the collective body (Klal Yisroel). It is as though we see the Rebbe himself.

"We see this despite all "experts" and prophets of doom 12 years ago who predicted that Lubavitch would dissolve. Not only has it not disappeared, it has turned into the greatest Jewish empire in the world. We see how Lubavitch chassidim continue to thrive and grow. No shaliach has left his shlichus and even many non-Lubavitch chassidim have come closer to chassidus and the Rebbe.

"Not one shaliach has given up his shlichus after Gimmel Tamuz. On the contrary, shluchim are growing by leaps and bounds and have established hundreds of Chabad Houses, Jewish institutions with divine success. This is only because the one who sent them (the Rebbe) is animating them and granting them the power to fulfill their shlichus.

Just like before Gimmel Tammuz 1994 people from all walks of life, not only Lubavitchers, would come to the Rebbe on Sundays to receive a dollar and ask for a blessing and witnessed outright miracles today too people from all walks of life come to the Ohel and are blessed with what they need. Some people make a special trip just for that. They land in Kennedy airport, go to the Ohel and fly back just as they came to the Rebbe before Gimmel Tamuz.