Wednesday, April 11, 2007

In Defence of Normal Chabadniks

Before the seder in Chiang Mai, Thailand (from Shmais)

The article in the St Louis Jewish Light, which I commented on in March here, has been addressed by Robert A. Cohn here. Cohn is editor-in-chief emeritus of that publication.

While it is good that some of the more extreme statements made in Warshall's article have been answered by Cohn - who quotes Rabbi Yosef Landa, Director of Chabad of St. Louis - the problem of the meshichisten and their distorted message still remains. Much of the article is disputing Warshall's supposition that since the pamphlets say that they come from 770 therefore it is official Chabad doctrine. I believe that this misses the point and is just a coverup for the main problem.

I accept that there is no easy solution but surely smarter minds than mine can work out what to do with these people and the problems that they are causing for Lubavitch.

The only consolation is that the Shluchim worldwide continue to do the Rebbe's work with their customary 110% devotion to the job. The number of sedarim held throughout the world by Chabad Shluchim is just one testament to their dedication to the Rebbe's mission.