Monday, April 30, 2007

Malcom Fraser

Cartoon by Geoff Pryor

Former PM Malcolm Fraser (from 1975 - 1983) is opening his big mouth again and accusing the present government of using "the politics of fear to damage traditional Australian values". He said this and more in a speech at the Australian National University today as reported on ABC news.

I remember Fraser well from his days as Prime Minister. He was one of the most right wing PMs we have had and is now reinventing himself as a (small "l") liberal.

What bothers me is that he is trying to cover up the issues of radical Moslems and the damage they are doing in the world today. All this touchy-feely stuff that Islam is a peace loving religion is not borne out by the facts on the ground. Sure there are many Moslems in Australia and other countries who just want to get on with the job of living and raising their families in peace. But unfortunately there are also many of those, including their leaders, who want to stir up trouble.

As Australians we cannot jump to the conclusion that anyone who is different is bad but we must also recognise and stop the troublemakers before things get out of hand.