Monday, August 20, 2007

Antisemitic Attack on Carslile Street

From The Age

The papers this morning have reported on the assult of two young men on Saturday night at Glicks on Carslile Street. The violent, antisemitic attack occured after Ephraim Manshari finished his shift at Mister Glicks. Another young man, Alon "Tam", was also physically attacked while walking past the shop. Thankfully, from the photos, it appears that he did not suffer serious injuries. But whatever injuries Alon, Ephraim or anyone else suffered we wish them a Refuah Shleima.

Hopefully police will be able to catch these violent thugs as it initially appears that they escaped without being caught. This was despite being chased by some members of the Community Security Group who were eating nearby. I don't know what the solution to this sort of violence is but, as Alon is quoted as saying, all antisemitic incidents, no matter how seemingly minor, should be reported to the police and to the Jewish authorities. We have a right to walk the streets of Australia peacefully just like any other person.

News reports can be seen in the Jewish News, The Age, NineMSN, The Australian and which has the most detailed description of events.