Thursday, August 30, 2007

Dinner for JCOM

The Jewish Centre of Ormond McKinnon held a fundraising dinner last week at Kimberley Gardens. A report of the event appears in Shmais with the same report but more photos on From the accounts I heard from those who attended it was a very enjoyable evening.

Rabbi Levi and Channie Kurinsky have only been in the McKinnon area for two years but already they have made a big impact. This young, dynamic and hard-working couple have established ties with that community and are attracting people both young and old to their events.

Why, I hear you ask, is their centre not called a Chabad House? There are many different hypotheses and I am reluctant to write too much about this. It just seems strange and very wrong that people who are doing positive things in the community and making a Kiddush Hashem and a Kiddush Lubavitch cannot call their organisation a Chabad House.

Mazal Tov Rabbi Levi and Channie on your achievements so far. Haztlocho Rabbo for the future. May you go from strength to strength.