Monday, January 14, 2008

The 770 Case

How most of us remember 770

For all of us who would like to keep up to date with the case of the normal vs the insane Merkos vs the Gabboim with regards to who "owns" the main shul in 770 there is a new blog. The 770 Case appears to be written by a bochur with a good command of English (I suspect he must be an Australian) and a sane outlook.

Most of the blog talks about the recent court decision and has updates on that case. In one of the posts he tells a story told to him by another bochur. This story is very funny on the surface but makes one think...
I roll into 770 about 12:45 for the occasional late night Maariv. After successfully finishing yesterday's, today's and tomorrow's Rambam we manage to scratch together a Minyan Metzumtam and begin Davening. Standing next to me throughout is this elderly gentleman with a prominent white beard who looks as if he could have been from 'Nevel'. The Chazzan completes the last Kaddish and the assembled begin to disperse. It was then that I notice this 'Eltereh Yid' frantically turning around as if looking for something. I move a little closer to see if I can be of any assistance. He stands there with his hand, open palm facing upward, outstretched in a gesture of combined disappointment and demand and asks me 'nuu Yekki'. I had to muster all the dignity I possessed within me not to burst out laughing in the poor man's face. The once vivid image of him Davening long hours in Nevel starting to fade, being replaced with one of him fighting in 'Nam'.