Sunday, March 09, 2008

Zev & Rochel Simons Tefillin Bank

A new and very worthwhile initiative has been started by Benyomin Simons, brother of Zev A"H, to assist those who do not have the means to purchase tefillin.

The letter states:

One of the last things that my dear brother Zev obm, and sister-in-law Rochel obm, tried to initiate prior to the horrific car accident that took their lives was a Tefillin Bank to assist people with financial difficulty in fulfilling this mitzvah. In their memory, the Zev and Rochel Simons Tefillin Bank has now been set up with plans to expand and grow. We are currently developing the following initiatives:
  • Shule Gemach - a free pair of tefillin to all Shules, to keep on their premises in order to allow visitors who don't have tefillin to use on site. (Available upon application).
  • Tefillin Subsidy - individuals who have difficulty in purchasing a pair of tefillin may apply to receive a significantly subsidised pair of tefillin. A certified sofer (scribe) in Australia must apply on behalf of the individual to the Tefillin Bank and the subsidy will be given direct to the sofer.
  • Tefillin Gemach - individuals who have difficulty paying in full for a pair of tefillin, can apply for an interest free loan to purchase a pair.
This is now your opportunity to get involved in 3 extraordinary mitzvos:
  • Mitzvah tefillin, assisting many Jews who have never before put on tefillin.
  • Paying tribute to the memories of Zev and Rochel Simons obm.
  • Genuine tzedakah (charity) and gemilus chasadim (kind deeds).
Please assist to perpetuate the memory of my dear brother and sister-in-law, Zev and Rochel Simons obm and send your contribution to the "Zev and Rochel Simons Tefillin Bank".

I am happy to forward the original pdf with detailed information on how to contribute to this worthy cause. Email me at

As Benyomin says at the end of his letter:
May this mitzvah, along with many other initiatives in their memory, bring about the imminent redemption along with the techiyas hameisim b'korov mamosh!