Monday, March 31, 2008

New Torah Blog

Ibn Mordechai wrote to me about his newish blog "Da Kani Ma Chaser?" which features different and various Torah "vertalch". I haven't been through all of it yet but I was impressed by what I have read so far. I like this sort of blog as he quotes Torah from many different sources - chassidic, sefardic etc.

In his short description of himself and his blog he states:

This is an effort to encourage myself to continue my Torah study as well as to share the Torah that I have been learning with others. It originally started as an archive for Shabbos Divrei Torah and I guess that I kind of got carried away... Some of the Divrei Torah are longer than others. Ultimately the goal is that those who don't have Seforim available, will still be able to learn Vortlach on the weekly Parsha and other occasions. Dr. Hayyim Tawil says that I will never be an Ibn Ezra but what about an Ibn Mordechai?