Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Cup is Half Empty!

I saw this originally on the Jewgle Perth blog and love the inventiveness of this product. This is a novel Kos Shel Eliyahu which should keep the kids wide awake. It was invented by American comedian Marc Jaffe who wanted a trick a little more original than shaking the table when Eliyahu is supposed to drink from the cup at the seder.

As the advertising blurb says on the Elijah Drinks website:

They will see a beautiful Cup of Elijah sitting in the middle of the seder table filled with wine throughout the evening. When the time comes you will lift the cup and invite someone to open the door for Elijah to enter. You then say a few words, be they traditional or off the cuff, about Elijah truly coming this year. Encourage everyone to watch to see if Elijah drinks. Place the cup back on the table, let go, and the wine slowly disappears.