Saturday, June 14, 2008

Report from Adelaide

Adelaide Hebrew Congregation

I was pleased to receive this report from our South Australian correspondent with regard to how the community is trying to pull itself together after the (continuing) saga with the previous Rabbi. The comment came in late on Friday in response to a previous post.

Insider reports:
Adelaide Hebrew Congregation’s communal seder on the second night of Pesach had a record attendance of eighty people who enjoyed the evening of song and participation led by Rabbi Gutnick. For a large group of elderly congregants, it was their first communal seder in many years. Visiting Israeli backpackers who came to the seder and services were also welcomed by Rabbi Gutnick and hosted with home hospitality during their stay. His whole family were here with us and are role models embodying the Rebbe's concern for others.
During the week, the youth of the synagogue went on a ten-pin bowling outing with Rabbi Gutnick and two bochurim (one each from Melbourne and Sydney yeshivot) with twenty participating in activities.
The Moshiach's seder was also fun with Rabbi telling Chassidic stories.
Last Friday night twenty five people came to Shabbat maariv services. On Shavuot there was a crowd of about sixty when Rabbi Gutnick led services and gave drashot. He gave us all the blessing of the Cohenim. He is a warm, caring individual and brings honour to his father's memory.
We look forward to learning and renewal under his guidance.
Hopefully Rabbi Gutnick will continue in this vital role and the community as a whole will get past their challenges unscathed.