Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Tributes, Gatherings and Practical Stuff

There have been numerous tributes to those who were murdered in India last week. A casual perusal of Chabad and other Jewish sites will reveal a large number of articles and tributes to the kedoshim. Isaac Balbin, who was in India only a few weeks ago and spent time with the Holtzbergs, wrote an article which Emmanuel sent out. There is also a copy here on Circus Tent.

Last night in Melbourne a "Kinnus" was held at Yeshivah Shul. A large crowd heard a number of speeches and watched the obligatory video of the Rebbe. I understand that the event was organised by the Shluchim of Yeshivah Gedolah and one of the shluchim gave, in my opinion, the most practical address of the evening. He asked that, in honour and memory of the Kedoshim, we take on practical mitzvos. The Shluchim distributed cards and tzedokah boxes. A copy of the card is reproduced below.

Photos of the crowd were taken by Zelig Shaul.


I have also received links to websites in support of the families of some of those murdered.

The Holtzberg Family Fund

The Kruman Foundation

The Teitelbaum Orphan Fund


The Chabad Houses in Melbourne are holding a memorial this evening:

It is with profound sadness and broken hearts

that we invite you to join us for a

Memorial Service

to honour the memory of

Rabbi Gavriel & Rivkah Holtzberg

Selfless Shluchim of Chabad Mumbai

and all those who were brutally murdered

in the Mumbai Massacre

Tuesday 2 December

7.15 - 8.00pm

at Bnei Brith Hall, 99 Hotham St, E St Kilda

The memorial will be followed by a live broadcast

of the funeral of Gabi & Rivkah in Israel

May Hashem comfort all broken hearts and may we all merit to

see only joy and gladness with the complete redemption of Israel now!