Monday, March 02, 2009

New Shluchim in a New City

Since I don't have a photo of the Avitals
this one of Parliment House will have to do

Canberra's first permanent shluchim set up home last week. Rabbi Dan & Naomi Avital moved to Canberra under Reb Arel Serebryanski who is the official Merkos shaliach in Australia. With the support of Reb Arel and also Eliezer Kornhauser I am sure that the Avitals will be a breath of fresh air to that city. I wish them hatzlocho rabbo in their new mission. has a nice article about this shlichus.

I think it is great that Reb Arel - with the practical support of Eliezer Kornhauser - is opening up new horizons. While the majority of the Jewish population live in the capital cities there is still much work than can be done in Australia outside the "borsht belts" of Melbourne and Sydney. Chabad of RARA started this shlichus and does a wonderful job. I am sure that Reb Arel and Eliezer will find other areas with a sufficient Jewish population to warrant shluchim.