Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rebbe's Visit in 1960

This video is composed of still photos taken by Rabbi Yosef Goldstein of the Rebbe's visit to Camp Gan Yisroel almost 49 years ago. Many of them are what you would expect of photos at that time but there are some gems that stand out.

It must have been really exciting for the campers and especially the counsellors to have the Rebbe visit and that is reflected in a number of the shots.

The YouTube caption says:

Lubavitcher Rebbe visits Camp Gan Yisroel, Swan Lake, NY in 1960. Compiled from individual shots taken from a recently scanned 16MM film that was photographed by Rabbi Yosef Goldstein. Our thanks to the family for letting us enjoy these treasures.

The Rebbe visited Gan Yisroel in Ellenvile, NY in 1956 right before the camp opened, then in 1957 he visited Gan Israel at Swan Lake, NY at the beginning of camp, and then he visited in Swan Lake for the third time 1960 (this video).

From Shmais