Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What a Boring Blog

This blog has become extremely boring lately. I am still getting well over 100 comments a day but 60% to 80% of them are inane and many are just stupid.

Just because someone has an opinion different to yours doesn't justify insulting them personally. We all think that we are sooo intelligent and learned but, apart from a select few people, this has yet to be shown on this blog. If you cannot say something positive think twice about whether it is worth saying. Obviously there are things that we feel need to be said even if they are quite negative. This is sometimes a good thing and maybe an anonymous comment is a good way to let out your frustrations - but first think how you are going to express yourself. Surely it is not necessary to make personal attacks on other people. Don't we learn in chassidus that what we find distasteful in other people is a reflection of our own negative traits??!! Maybe think about that before you make your next comment.