Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's my blog and I'll write what I want to

There have been a number of comments addressed to me on this blog which I find quite interesting. They all refer to how this blog is now boring and some idiot even wrote to me indignantly that if I don't make the blog more interesting that I should close it down!

How do I answer you people?! Let me say again (and again and again) that this is my personal blog. It is one of millions that exist on the internet and has nothing to do with anyone else except me. I decide what gets posted and I even delete comments that I don't like. If I find something interesting or newsworthy I will post it. If I am busy or tired or whatever I will post nothing. I know that I may sound very selfish and self centered but that's just too bad. If you don't like it start your own blog - but that takes time, a modicum of intelligence and English skills and even means that you may have to think. I suppose that rules out so many of you.

It appears to me that many people reading this blog just want to enjoy the negative things written about other people - and especially about the Chabad community. They enjoy the loshon hora and are very open to hearing that things are not right with someone else or some other organisation. On the other hand they are so blinkered that they react angrily if something they purport to hold dear is criticised in any way. Many of the commentors here feel that they represent the high moral ground so they can say what they like to and about others. If someone does not agree with their point of view they feel justified in attacking them personally. I care little for these people and less for their opinions.

When this blog started many people wanted to discuss problems regarding Yeshivah Beth Rivkah Colleges. I understood their need to let off steam and was happy to provide a forum for that. The same applied to the Gush Katif discussions and I attempted to give everyone a fair go. Nonetheless, I was accused by both sides of being biased - but that was to be expected.

What this tirade is leading to is that if you don't like what I am doing here don't look at it. Even better start your own blog and show that you have something to say that everyone wants to hear.

It is still Tishrei and there are already comments here badmouthing individuals. I am asked to start writing again about what is happening in the Mosod. Most people appear not to be interested in the good things that are being done but just want to stir up trouble. Sure, in a community of our size and with the talented people we have, much more could be happening - but we cannot always discount the good that is being done. Why would anyone want to try to achieve anything in Melbourne when all they get are criticism from those that do nothing? Why should anyone want to become headmaster of Yeshivah College when there is a good chance that they will be constantly criticised by the community?

The bottom line is that I will publish what I like on this blog. I know that many people like hearing "good news stories" as I do and like seeing photos of activities in 770 and Chabad institutions around the world. I will keep publishing these.

I have asked a number of times for articles, photos or information about things happening in Melbourne which I will be happy to post. I have yet to receive anything but the offer still stands.

Ahhhh...that felt good!!