Sunday, November 06, 2005

Rabbi Shloma Majesky in Australia

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Rabbi Shloma Majesky will be visiting Sydney and Melbourne this week and next and is speaking at two functions in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

Shloma Majesky is no stranger to Melbourne as he was a member of the first group of Shluchim that the Rebbe sent to Yeshivah Gedolah. This group was hand-picked by the Rebbe and were here during the years 5727 - 5729 (1968-69). They are still fondly remembered by many members of our community - at least those old enough to have been around then!

He has been Principal of Machon Chana Women's Institute in Crown Heights for well over 20 years. Many Australians have passed through its doors and some of them have formed the Friends of Machon Chana in Melbourne and Sydney.

Rabbi Majesky has also written a book The Chassidic Approach to Joy and has produced an extensive tape library on his shiurim in Chassidus etc. He is an excellent speaker and I would recommend making time to hear him.

The Melbourne function is advertised in the flyer above and will be held next Sunday night for both men and women.

In Sydney Rabbi Majesky is speaking at the following venues:


Thursday night, 10 Nov 2005, 8:15 pm
A recognised expert on Jewish Education,
Rabbi Majeski will lecture on
Bringing Up Spiritually Healthy
Children - including ourselves!

(followed by a Farbrengen for men)
At The Tzemach Tzedek Community Centre
1 Penkivil Street, Bondi
Cover charge: $15, $30/couple includes a light supper.

Saturday night, 12 Nov 2005, 9 pm
Experienced in guiding Jewish women on personal voyages,
Rabbi Majeski will talk about
The Personal Voyage to our Jewish Destiny
(Farbrengen style)
At the home of
Esther Leuchter, 83 Ocean Street, Bondi
Cover charge: $15 includes a Melave Malka