Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Reminiscences of the Rebbe Rashab

From COL: some interesting stories told by Rabbi Yehudah Chitrik עמו"ש who learnt in Tomchei Tmimim at the time of the Rebbe Rashab. One of his stories describes how the Rebbe gave over a Ma'amar.

This is how the Rebbe Rashab would deliver a Maamor:
At the beginning of Shabbos, the Rebbe would enter a hall where the tables were arranged in the formation of the letter 'mem sofis'. The Rebbe would sit down near a special table and the Rebbe Rayatz would stand just across him. While saying the Maamor, the Rashab would look at the Rayatz as if speaking personally to him and if the Rayatz did not understand something he would make a signal and the Rashab would repeat his words.
After reciting the Maamor it was customary that the temimim would go over the Maamor among themselves and on Shabbos morning, one of the senior temimim would enter and repeat the Maamor in the presence of the Rebbe and the Rebbe would correct mistakes if necessary".

After the farbrengen Rabbi Chitrik (106 amu"sh) turned to the listening temimim and told them "Lets dance in honor of Tomchei Temimim" (this farbrengen was held on 15th of Elul, the day Tomchei Temimim was founded). And Rabbi Chitrik, true to his offer, got up to dance!!