Saturday, July 22, 2006

“Be Strong and of Good Courage”

Another great photo from the Baleboosteh blog.

From Rabbi Pinchas Frankel (here):
Chazak VeEmatz - “Be Strong and of Good Courage”
The basic charge given by Moshe to the People of Israel (Devarim 31:6) and to Yehoshua (Devarim 31:7), as well as the charge given by HaShem to Yehoshua on the eve of his assuming the leadership of the People of Israel (Devarim 31:23), is "Chazak VeEmatz," Be strong and of good courage! And HaShem concludes his words with Yehoshua with "VeAnochi Eh’ye imach," And I will be with you. This belief that HaShem was with the Jewish People and with its leaders over the millennia is the only reason that we have had to face our otherwise insurmountable enemies with courage.