Monday, July 31, 2006

Chief Rabbi's Tefilla Website

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Rabbi Yonah Metzger, Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, has launched a new website to enlist our prayers for the soldiers in Israel. The site is here with both Hebrew and English versions.

Rabbi Metzger has called for a moment of prayer at 7:00pm Tuesday, Israel time. His request:

These days, when we are “between the straits”, and in these desperate hours, our brothers Sons of Israel in the State of Israel face hard and murderous times from our enemies and those who are up to destroy us.
While in the battle front our brave soldiers in the Israeli Defense Forces risk their lives in the air and sea to repel those who turn upon us, and defend our people and the cities in Israel.
I call upon our Jewish brothers in the Diaspora, wherever they are, to pray for the well-being of our soldiers and their success this Tuesday at 19:00(Israel time , for the recovery of the wounded, and the return of the captives to the loving arms of their families all safe and sound.

As Jews, who are supposed to be compassionate people, I think that we should also have in mind the civilians who have been killed and wounded both in Israel and in Lebanon. I personally believe that eventually we will find that many of those in Lebanon have been killed by Hizbollah, either directly or indirectly, but the fact is that human life has been lost.