Monday, November 06, 2006

Our Own Worst Enemy

One of the news channels in Melbourne just aired an "exclusive" story about a Lebanese tradesman who has been threatened by a Jewish customer. The Jewish (Israeli?) man owns a convenience store in Frankston and employed the tradesman to do work in his shop. He now refuses to pay him stating that the tradesman stole computers from the store.

The news report played messages left by the Jewish store owner threatening the Lebanese tradesman and stating that he shouldn't &^$% with Jews. The shop owner also said that in a court case the Lebanese man would lose since all judges are Jewish.

Obviously the hot headed store owner didn't expect his phone messages to be used against him. It is very unfortunate (and stupid) to take a business dispute and create a racial incident. The Jewish/Israeli man explicitly mentioned that the tradesman is of Arab descent and his threats were based around that.

Hopefully this idiotic man's threats will be ignored by the press and this story will fade away to oblivion where it belongs.