Thursday, November 30, 2006

Malki's Song

I was looking at the (new improved) Keren Malki website and noticed Malki's Song. This song was written by Malki Roth a few months before she was murdered by a terrorist at Sbarros in Jerusalem five years ago. Read about the song and hear it sung here. I find the words quite inspirational especially noting that Malki was 15 at the time she wrote it.

The Malki Foundation was established as a living memorial to Malki Roth by her parents Arnold and Frimmet Roth. From the website:

Keren Malki’s work is channeled into two active programs: one focused on providing specialized equipment in the home, and the other on home-based therapies. In both tracks, the goal is to empower families who want to give their seriously disabled child the best possible care at home.
I have previously written about Keren Malki here and again suggest that you check out the Keren Malki site and consider supporting their wonderful work.