Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Questions That Need Answering

Can these guys answer Joe's questions?

Joe in Australia has raised some important issues in his comment to the post A Strange Procession on this blog. Surely there is someone out there who can answer them...
At the time I wrote my last comments I was suffering from the after-effects of having read R' Ginsberg's article. It is clearly incompatible with rational thought or expression and next time I will protect myself by taking a rest break between paragraphs.

In the interim, here's the caption from a photo stuck up at another Chabad shul here in Melbourne:
"the Tankisten also hand out to the soldiers 'Moshiach' cards with the picture of the Rebbe MH'M Shlita's for their protection."

My question is, do photos of the Rebbe have to be full-body, or will they also protect me if they are only from the neck up? Are color photos more effective than B&W ones? Do different photos protect me from different things - for instance, do I need one photo for protection from fire and another one for protection from theft? And how do I know which photo does what? If the photo is printed by a goy, does it still work? I think it's time we had some answers.
Sometimes the situation is so ridiculous that we need a sense of humour to deal with it.