Friday, February 16, 2007

Rebbitzen Menucha Rochel - Take 2

Many thanks to Andrew Sharpe for providing the accurate story about Rebbitzen (or "Bobbe") Menucha Rochel.

The bracha was given by the Tzemach Tzedek to his sister in law as Menucha Rochel cried to her sister Chaya Moussia that she did not want to go to Israel because of the heat and rain. Chaya Moussia told her sister she would ask her husband to give a brocha to keep away the heat and rain.

The lady Rabbi Groner is talking about is my great grandmother Shoshana Gitel Slonim.This event happened in the year 1877 when Shoshi Gitel was a 17 year old kallah who was to marry was g-grandfather Yaacov Chaim Slonim in Chevron.

This event was told to me by my grandmother Rivkah Sharpe nee Slonim when I was a teenager that when her mother was walking down the street with Bobba Menucha only her mother got soaked in the rain. I do admit I was very skeptical however my grandmother was adamant and made two comments to her grandchildren (1) we are never to laugh at events that we do not understand or could ever comprehend (2) we are descendants from Beis Dovid from both families of Slonim and Schneuri.

Rabbi Groner also heard the story of Bobba Menucha Rochel from the Friediker Rebbe.

Bobba Menucha Rochel was one tough rebbetzin who always got her way and very compassionate and generous to all those who needed help.My grandmother told me Bobba menucha was treated like royalty by everone in Chevron.