Friday, February 09, 2007

The Sheik Stays - For Now

Is the mufti praying for forgiveness - I think not

Reports from the ABC and The Age say that Australia's "foot in mouth" sheik, Taj el-Din al-Hilali, will stay on at least until April when the National Immams Council will meet to vote on a new mufti. The Australian has a different take on the situation and has reports from other leaders of the muslim community who say that he has little support and will be leaving his position soon, albeit with a "golden handshake".

I think that the moslem community is reading the Australian public incorrectly. They are still blaming the media for what the sheik actually said about women, Australians etc and appear to be absolving him of responsibility for his public opinions. (see previous post here). When will they wake up and get rid of this radical "leader". His presence is not good for Australia in general and Jews in particular. If he is being reported as making these inflamatory comments imagine what he is saying to his flock in arabic that is not being reported in the general press.

Let us hope that he is ousted soon and a saner, less radical leader is appointed who can communicate effectively with the Australian public.