Friday, July 18, 2008

Aussie in the News

Rabbis Pinny Raitman and Baruch Davidson in Belfast yesterday
(Picture: Hugh Russell)

The Irish Times (as reported on has an article about Rabbis Pinny Raitman and Baruch Davidson on Merkos Shlichus in Ireland. Pinny is from Melbourne.

According to the Merkos Shlichus website there are a number of other Aussies on Shlichus around the world. Some that I noticed are:
  • Shimon Ash - Beijing, China
  • Moshe Loebenstein - Bahia, Brasil
  • Dovid Blecher - Markham, Ontario
  • Dovid New - Taiwan & Phillipines
  • Yisroel Lebenholc - New Jersey
  • Boruch Werdiger - California
  • Laima Barber - S. Lucia, Eastern Caribbean
If you know of any others I am happy to publicise them.