Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rabbi Groner ע"ה - Matzeiva Consecration

Thank you again to Ya'akov Livni who sent me these photos from Rabbi Groner's Hakomas Hamatzeiva last Friday 15 Tammuz. Interestingly 15 Tammuz is also the Yartzeit of the Or HaChayim HaKodosh who is also buried on Har Hazeitim.

Rabbis Yossi, Sholom Ber, Chaim Tzvi & Mendy Groner
saying kaddish at their father's grave

Placing small stones on the grave. A week earlier, at the Kvura,
the Chevra Kadisha announced that stones should be placed with the left hand

Family at the graves of Rabbi Groner's parents

At the graves of Rabbi Groner's parents

There is also a video of the consecration on the Yeshivah Community website here.