Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rabbi Groner ע"ה - update

Rabbi Groner in the sun (taken a few years ago)

According to the Yeshivah Website the Levaya/Tehillim will take place at the Werdiger Hall on Wednesday (9 July - 6 Tammuz) at 2:00pm. As more details become available I will post them here.

The website has also added a number of articles etc about Rabbi Groner here.

There have also been a number of news stories and blog articles. Some that I have found are on Lubavitch.com, JTA and Shirat Devorah. I just found this post on Circus Tent with a tribute by an ex-Yeshivah student taken from the Yeshivah World News website. Also see dozens on comments in tribute to Rabbi Groner on COL.