Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Rabbi Groner ע"ה - Eretz Yisroel Kevura

How many of us have sat at that table...

From the Yeshivah Community Website:

The Levaya will leave at 10:00am on Friday 8th Tammuz 5768 – 11th July 2008, from Shangar Funeral Parlor (next to Rav Shefa Supermarket) on to Har Hazeisim Chelkas Rabonei Chabad (across from the Police Station).

Aveilim will be sitting Shiva at the Cooper Family home, 4 Ibn Shaprut Street, Sharei Chessed, Jerusalem, Israel.


The Mezaiva (consecration) will be Friday 15th Tammuz 5768 – 18th July 2008

More tributes can be found on the Jewish News website here. There is also a short interview by Jewish News editor Ashley Browne with Yossi Aron about Rabbi Groner ob"m.