Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Melbourne Rabbi in Europe

Rabbi Yossi Waks, formerly of Melbourne, is the Executive Director of the European Centre for Jewish Students based in Brussels, Belgium. He recently hosted a Shabbaton for students which was attended by Israel's Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger pictured with Rabbi Waks above. Another Melbourne Rabbi doing meaningful work.

This article with photos appeared in COL here. The English report says:

150 Students from all parts of Belgium took part in a special Shabbaton with the chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Yonah Metzger, at the start of the new semester, just opened in Universities. The students participated in Shabbos prayers and meals and listened attentively to the Rabbis lectures on Torah and Erets Yisroel. A special workshop for questions and answers clarified many questions on Jewish laws and customs, especially those concerning the upcoming high holidays.

The Shabbaton was arranged in Brussels by the European Center of Jewish Students, headed by Rabbi Yossi Waks and in coordination with the Union of Jewish Students in Belgium. "The fact that you reside in Belgium, the capital of Europe, places an obligation upon you to be a living example to thousands of European Jewish students in your Jewish identity, in battling antisemitism and in support of Israel", stressed Rabbi Waks in his address.

The chief shliach to Italy, Rabbi Gershon Mendel Garelik and his wife and Rabbi Meir Stambler, shliach to Warsaw, participated in the Shabbaton.