Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chanukah in Sri Lanka

I found this story in quite fascinating. This young shaliach went out of his way to find a yid who has, seemingly, abandoned his yiddishkeit. As usual the "pintele yid" won out and the monk was pleased to reconnect with his roots. Another wonderful Chanukah story and a great achievement for the shaliach.

The story as it appeared in

Year round, the Chabad House in Sri Lanka, directed by Rabbi Mendy Crombie, works primarily with businessmen who live in the capital city of Colombo. Holidays however, he makes a point to also reach out to the hundreds of tourists who come to enjoy the magnificent sea shores of Sri Lanka.

On his last trip out to the tourist area, Rabbi Crombie was told about a certain Jew who is deeply involved in one of the local cults, and even serves as a monk there. The Rabbi spent countless hours of searching for this man. This Chanukah he was able to locate him. Equipped with a menorah and candles he set out to meet this monk. The monk was touched to meet a Rabbi at this ‘dark’ corner of the world. After twenty years of having been entirely severed from Yiddishkeit, the Jew lit a Chanukah menorah for the first time.