Tuesday, December 11, 2007

YG Chanukah Parade

The "Chanukah Parade" held last Thursday was a great success. The atmosphere was wonderful and the organisers did a great job. Thanks go to YG Shaliach Sholom B Cunin and to Rabbi Binyomin Serebryanski who organised the occassion.

Sholom Cunin sent me this publicity

"Let there be light" – Menorah Parade!

The Menorah, or chanukia, is traditionally lit by the window or door of Jewish homes, symbolising the power of light over darkness and right over might

The Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi M M Schneerson took this idea a step further, stressing that menorahs be kindled in public throughout the world, with Menorah Lighting ceremonies, to illuminate the pathways of freedom for all mankind.

To spread this important message a spectacular motorcade of over a hundred and fifty cars and vans with illuminated Menorahs on their roof, traveled along the streets of Melbourne And has brought the happiness and message of Chanukah to all, Jews and non-Jews alike.

This menorah parade was organized by Rabbi Binyomin Serebransky of Chabad, and Sholom B. Cunin together with the rabbinical students in the Yeshiva Gedolah, the students also handed out over 3000 menorahs to jews that hadn't had the chance to buy there own, thus spreading the Chanukah spirit to others, as the Rebbe teaches "every Jew is like a candle, all it needs is to be lit, and it will shine brightly".