Sunday, December 02, 2007

Put on your Yamulka 'cause here comes Chanukah

From The Coloradoan - Chanukah 5765

Rabbi Yerachmiel Gorelik (son of Rabbi Elozor & Raizel Gorelik of FREE) is still struggling to have the menorah displayed publically in Fort Collins, Colorado. This is the third year that the menorah has to be displayed in a private business since the city feels that it is a religious symbol and should not be displayed with the town Xmas tree. In an article in The Coloradoan City Councillor Wade Troxell said:
From my point of view, we need to keep traditional Christmas displays, scrap the museum/artwork gobbledygook, and request the city staff work with Rabbi (Yerachmiel) Gorelik to find a place for the menorah with the Christmas display
From the comments on this news piece it appears that most members of the public agree that this is an unnecessary "battle" and that the menorah should be able to be displayed on public land.

I any case this has given publicity to Chanukah, as shown in this article in that paper, which lists all the venues having Chanukah celebrations in Fort Collins this year.

Fortunately in Australia we are not burdened by this obsession of separating church and state to the nth degree. We can participate in public menorah lightings openly and without a problem. There are a number major events being held by the Chabad community in particular:
  • Rabbi Chaim Herzog's annual menorah lighting in the city on Wednesday 5 December in Queens Hall at the Victorian Parliment at 6:30pm sharp. Email for your invitation.
  • Chabad of Bentleigh is holding their Chanukah party at 5:30pm on Wednesday 5 December as well. It is taking place at the Chabad House in Cecil Street, East Bentleigh.
  • Yeshivah Gedolah is organising a "Chanukah Parade of Light" on Thursday 6 December starting from Yeshivah at 7:30pm. There will be a parade of 105 cars displaying menorahs or a new Chanukah sign. For more info or to register interest call the Shluchim at 0430 391 015 or email
  • Rabbi Yossel Gutnick's annual major Chanukah celebration in Caulfield Park on Sunday 9 December from 4:30pm to 10:30pm with stalls, music and the major attraction of fireworks.