Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Letter from Israel

David Frankfurter is a former Sydneysider who made aliyah with his family 13 years ago. He describes himself as "a business consultant, corporate executive and writer who frequently comments on the Middle East".

This is the introduction to his latest article entitled Use by: Gaza disengagement (click on the link to see the entire article):

Masterful sleight of hand has once again allowed the Palestinian leadership to profess peace, while keeping terror on a slow flame. The reward of yet more billions in international aid was swiftly followed by hate broadcasts and terror. Official Palestinian television mocked the “infidels‚” blown up in London. Hamas rained mayhem on Israel, rushing to meet the “use-by‚” date on its stores of rockets and mortars. They can’t let Sharon’s disengagement plan leave the rewards to Abu Mazen and his cronies.